About us

Our goal is to make a global impact in resolving the developer shortage crisis!

“The global software developer shortage crisis will be solved by enthusiastic developers, just like you.”

Geoffrey Karani, Founder


SAID Academy is a one-stop place for enthusiastic software developers to gain the skills they need to become the software engineers companies are looking to hire.

This is not a become-a-developer-quickly scheme. Our goal is to have a lasting global impact by way of training developers who will take up roles as Full Stack Developers, Frontend Developers or Backend Developers. This training is going to take an approximate 6 months to complete. The estimate will largely depend on the students schedule and the time they invest daily in the training.


Our way of training is goal-oriented. Every trainee starts off with a course of their choice. Absolute beginners are however advised to start with the HTML course.

Trainees can decide to take up the courses on their own without any further help.

Trainees can opt to subscribe to become members of the community. Those who take this route will enjoy personal training every week in addition to the courses they purchase. They will also have guided real world projects after almost every technology learnt. This will go a long way to teaching them where the technologies can be applied in real world projects.

The training also contains a forum where trainees can discuss matters they are facing. Trainees who are ahead in the training will get an opportunity to deepen their understanding by answering questions in the forum.